Sponsor a Vidscrip Program

Vidscrip program sponsors include health systems and drug/device companies who want to partner with providers and patients to improve efficiency, health outcomes, and patient satisfaction.

Health Systems seek to leverage the expertise of their own providers to make their practices run more efficiently and improve improve patient satisfaction. Health System providers use sponsored “templates” (sets of questions built into the Vidscrip Online Recording Studio) to record their own answers to common patient questions about specific health topics. These videos are delivered to patients via the provider’s profile page on the health system website, a patient portal, or directly through email and text message.

Example programs sponsored by Health Systems:

  • Capture extensive kidney transplant education and deliver to patients & caregivers via mobile device
  • Add “About Me” videos to physician profile pages on website
  • Vaccine education delivered to patients via automated text message based on child age
  • Improve GI Prep process for patients undergoing colonoscopy

Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Companies sponsor vidscrip programs to improve engagement between provider-customers and their patients. Providers use “templates” (sets of questions built into the Vidscrip Online Recording Studio) sponsored by industry partners to record their own answers about the conditions, procedures, tests, drugs and devices they manage with patients. These videos can be embedded on provider’s websites or delivered to patients directly through email and automated series of time-based text messages. Some examples of sponsored programs:

Example programs sponsored by Industry:

  • Prevention of case cancellations for elective surgical urology procedure
  • Improve patient experience across entire knee implant episode-of-care (automated text messages)
  • Improve post-procedure compliance for weight loss implantable device

Please contact us to discuss sponsorship use cases for your business!