New partnership with Luma Health automates Vidscrip sharing through EMR

There is no shortage of health information online. But none of it can replace the words of your own doctor, delivered at just the right time. For most patients, access to that level of engagement is hard to come by.

We plan to fix that problem with our new partnership with San Francisco based Luma Health. Healthcare providers who use Vidscrip to record answers to common questions can now have those videos automatically delivered to patients via Luma’s text message and HIPAA-compliant chat platform.

The Luma Health platform uses triggers in the EMR to automate delivery of Vidscrips to patients at just the right moment in a care episode. Whether it’s GI prep instructions the night before a colonoscopy, medication reminders throughout a course of expensive biologics, or a simple reminder about the importance of an annual flu shot, video-based engagement from a patient’s own care team, delivered at just the right time, can have a significant impact on practice efficiency, patient satisfaction, and health outcomes.

John Brownlee, Vidscrip CEO, said, “Practices have struggled to create personalized experiences for patients while maintaining simple and scalable workflows. By recording answers once, and automatically delivering them to patients over-and-over, this partnership solves that riddle, and that’s a game changer for patients and medical practices.”

Dr. Tashfeen Ekram, Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of Luma Health said, “We believe that this partnership has the potential to transform how healthcare is delivered over a patient’s care journey by combining our automated conversation platform and personalizing it with rich content from Vidscrip.”

With Vidscrip and Luma Health patients automatically get the right information, from the right source, at the exact right time. Providers spend less time repeating themselves, and staff spends less time fielding call-backs. Let’s talk about how you can leverage this partnership to take practice efficiency and patient engagement to the next level.