The video sharing community for medical professionals.

The Vidscrip app empowers medical professionals to create short-form videos to educate patients and connect with peers.

  • Does clinic ever feel like Groundhog Day?

    You repeat yourself over and over, but patients still forget up to 80% of what they learn at the point of care—impacting patient satisfaction, health outcomes, practice efficiency and more. That's why Vidscrip helps you record your own answers to common questions, letting you share them again and again with patients.

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    Providers who shared their Vidscrips with patients experienced a 70% reduction in procedure cancellations.

  • Get off TikTok quick, doc.

    Consumer social media is great, until it isn’t. Take it to Vidscrip! Share your research, create new referral channels, describe new techniques, and learn from your peers—all within a secure, simple, video-first, clinicians-only environment.

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  • Peer-to-Peer

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  • Secure

Take it to Vidscrip.

The Vidscrip app is available for medical students, residents, fellows and attending physicians. To register, users must submit a valid form of workplace credential (badge, diploma, etc.).

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